The purchase price before the seven top watch watch to solve the problem _ watch _ watch a little

money to buy top watch before

to solve seven problems

1 or not?

luxury watches price was more than $1000 to $1000000 or more. The most expensive is tourbillon,, only the elite watchmakers have manufacturing technology. (the mechanical device of two hundred years of history is constituted by the rotating frame,Rado Watches, rotating frame fixed wheel and escapement, and every 60 seconds to complete a rotation to offset gravity caused by timing error.


2 rose gold, platinum or gold

The chromaticity of

gold is decided by the quantity of copper and silver and gold mixed. Gold is always fashionable,, but you can choose a rose gold watch in countless. Rose gold in three kinds of gold in copper content is the highest, there is a soft,, slightly pink tone.

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