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table: a family of time to watch the glorious

legend begins with 1874

"with the memory of the past, we will write about the future." PIAGET Yves G. Piaget the fourth generation family inheritance to puncture a fallacy with one remark the core value of the brand. In 1874,Tudor watches, Georges Edouard Piaget Swiss Jura Mountains in the small village of La C.te-aux-Fé ES Jiali industry. That year he was 19 years old.

< p > young watchmaker first in their farmhouse opened the first movement manufacturing workshop,, special for the famous Swiss watch brand manufacture precision and performance of high quality movement. In 1943, the Earl of the Earl of PIAGET registered trademarks, the glorious success of the road from the start.

count table: the time of the family of the family of the family of a century of

luxury and precision of the birthplace of

luxury and precision is the count’s first brand advertising slogan. Movement is the core of the watch, today is only a few Swiss watch factory really have the ability of design, development and manufacture of their own movement,topwatchbest, while the count is the minority leader. Earl movement workshop located in the Jura Mountains beautiful town La C.te-aux-Fé ES is a place brand founder Georges EdouardPiaget began to dream.

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