The FI style sense of pleasure go by like the wind [figure] men’s Chronograph Watch _ _ famous shopp


striking red,, representing the victory is happy, is a symbol of passion. Light not only the racer’s enthusiasm, and you watch men,, F1 car at the time of the extremely rigorous requirements. So Hyun’s car, you must configure a similarly dazzle men’s chronograph.


red car


watch TAG Heuer Watch

series CAH1112.BA0850 master equation

< p > tag heuer and car always had a complicated relationship, and its formula one series is always doping the many racing elements,, and elements of the car with the wristwatch is particularly strong, gear type table circle design unique and masculinity. Raised speed scale, as well as the classic car dashboard display panel, all add to the same characteristics as the watch. At the same time, it breaks through the traditional dial color, red, gives a sense of the spirit of the motor racing. The arrow shaped hand as a symbol of "the flight of time".


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