In June TAG Heuer eternal father father’s Day gift of choice


heart, Calera heritage watch

< p > Calera heritage series wrist watch simple atmosphere, the fusion of a mature man fortitude character at the same time, design and rich in simple and classical elements, like a father as timeless. All the classic elements of inheritance, as the position of the father in children’s heart mountain, unshakable.

< p > "flinqué" carving lines, dial flange and classical scale of minutes minute transfer the children to his father selfless giving is ever silent gratitude. Equipped with Calibre 6 automatic movement,, relief type small seconds dial, to display the date 6 point. Collocation sapphire crystal cover to show the internal gear and wheel of the machine. Quality crocodile leather strap with rose gold needle buckle, the culmination of the dazzling,, let father in later years comfortable to wear at the same time every day can feel the children transfer of deep blessing.

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tender choice, Lincoln Calibre 16 self winding chronograph

< p > Lincoln calibre 16 self winding chronograph with rose gold material, colour and lustre is softer, more worthy of a mention is his watch chain is used in line with ergonomic design, very comfortable to wear, is a warmth of choice for father’s day.

< p > concise generous minute hand and hour hand are faceted polished 18k rose gold plated, clockwise, the minute hand and the edge of a dial with fluorescence labeling and 9 o’clock position of large auxiliary Chronograph 18k rose gold inlaid dial, clear and bright, interpretation of the men’s perseverance and generous gentleman bearing. Equipped with HeuerCalibre TAG 16 automatic chain movement, which is a perfect combination of function and fashion. Mix brown crocodile leather strap, let father hands to lift the wrist can felt the sons and daughters of the intimate care, it is the father the best feedback.

father,, such as great mountains, like holy snow, but profound and soundless and stirless. On this special occasion, on the father’s constant care resided in wrist precise timepiece, eternal gratitude feeling unreal as the ticking of the pointer crisp.

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