The TUDOR Heritage line draws inspiration from the most emblematic models in the history of the brand. While retaining their original spirit, historic models are modernised with small, subtle touches and new technical features to optimise their performance. The TUDOR Heritage Advisor is a modern version of the emblematic 1957 alarm watch. The watch’s movement is equipped with a mechanical alarm clock module that delivers a perfectly uniform crisp, clear sound.

The Tudor Heritage Advisor Replica is, from historical, horological and aesthetic perspectives, perhaps the most interesting watch the brand has ever made. It’s also, not coincidentally, the only alarm watch that Tudor has ever produced.

This charming watch – explaining the Replica Tudor Heritage Advisor Editor’s note: I’ve always had a real soft spot for the Tudor Heritage Advisor. Not only is the alarm one of my favourite complications, but this watch — for all that it’s an outlier in the current catalogue — is a hugely important piece in the modern rebirth of Tudor.

The Tudor Heritage Advisor Replica Watch collection is a particular delight for vintage watch lovers. An earlier Tudor timepiece inspired the Heritage Advisor Collection models. The revived watch radiates with the flair of 50s and 60s designs – a time in which the first Tudor Heritage Advisor conquered the world of watches.

More About Tudor Heritage Advisor Watches. First brought in by Tudor way back in 1957, the Advisor was a popular alarm wristwatch that remained in production until around 1977, when it was discontinued. Today’s version of the watch, although similar in some ways, is a totally different product that is informed by rather than based on the original advisor.