Tudor heritage black bay blue replica watch

The technically-focused Tudor Pelagos offers a modern take on the purist dive watch. Most would agree its best in class when it comes to the performance to price ratio. The design is a little vanilla though. Meaning it’s likely not a watch you want to wear every day.

The Tudor Black Bay Replica Watches costs about half the price of the Rolex Submariner, and is therefore an affordable way to start investing in watches. Because of it’s increasing popularity, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay is sure to increase in value. Along with the Submariner, the Explorer is another good Rolex investment option.

First launched in 2012, the Black Bay collection is the modern incarnation of Tudor’s iconic Submariner design. … Some pay homage to legendary watches of the past, other reimagine the archetype in totally new ways, and one even brings to life a once-forgotten prototype from the golden era of Tudor dive watches.

Because of it’s increasing popularity, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay is sure to increase in value. … This watch is definitely not cheap, but it will increase in value over time and is worth the investment.

[Tudor] How well does a Replica Tudor Black Bay retain its value? Not terribly. … It also depends on how popular the Black Bay you’re selling is. You will lose a lot less on resale with the 58, Noir, Dark, Burgandy, GMT, or Chronograph than with a S&G, steel, blue, 36, or 41.

The Heritage Black Bay replica watch has been a very successful model for Tudor as they reassert their place in the luxury sport watch game. Having only recently returned to the US and the UK, the Black Bay was undoubtedly part of that initiative and has enjoyed both consumer and critical success, including the GPHG Revival Prize in 2013. The Black Bay is Tudor’s vintage-inspired diver and was launched at Baselworld 2012 with a burgundy bezel, a dark brown dial, and pink gold markers and hands. Replete with a vintage-effect domed crystal and big crown, the Black Bay has been a big hit from day one.

While I really like the Tudor Black Bay, I have to admit that the original brown dial and the burgundy bezel felt a little overdone to my eyes. Even in dressier forms like the Tudor Black Bay, I like my divers to be a bit more muted. So, when I was first handed a Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue (79220B) during a Tudor-hosted dinner at Baselworld this past March, I was thrilled to find the aesthetic had been dialled back. Though perhaps a little less romantic, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue is the quietly-confident and understated of these two nearly-identical twins.