Replica Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Editions

The 60th year of Grand Seiko, the natural beauty of Shizukuishi, the home of Replica Grand Seiko’s mechanical watches, is celebrated in a new platinum and 18k rose gold cased watches. Powered by the manualwinding Caliber 9S64, this creation marks a new departure for the Elegance Collection and is a powerful symbol of the vitality that the start of Grand Seiko’s new 60 year cycle represents.

The Shizukuishi Watch Studio located in Iwate Prefecture plays a key role in the production of Grand Seiko mechanical watches. A true manufacture, the studio’s craftsmen oversee the manufacture, assembly, adjustment, inspection and shipment of critical mechanical watch components including hairsprings.

The studio is composed of expert craftsmen and women, several of whom have won recognition as Contemporary Master Craftsmen*1 and receipt of the prestigious Medal with Yellow Ribbon*2. The combined excellence of their craft has made it possible to achieve the world’s foremost mechanical watches.

  • * 1 Contemporary Master Craftsmen
    An annual award conferred by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to honor technicians with outstanding skill in their respective fields.
  • * 2 Medal with Yellow Ribbon
    An award conferred by the Cabinet Office of Japan to individuals for their diligence and achievement in fields including agriculture, trade, and manufacturing.
  • Elegance Collection
    Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited EditioSBGW263
  • Elegance Collection Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition SBGW264