An Exquisite Ballet Dance Dresses

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Breguet unveils its most recent creation in the Reine de Naples line, a model paying tribute to the art of ballet and to Russia. The House stages three ballerinas fashioned with one of its beloved techniques, the cameo work. The art of engraving in high relief consists of working on the different layers of a seashell, creating a sculpture of uncommon delicacy. breguet reine de naples

The House of Breguet has a historical relationship with Russia. Abraham-Louis Breguet was the supplier watchmaker to many royal families, high military dignitaries and diplomats. In Russia, Tsar Alexander I, a great admirer of watchmaking art, had a predilection for Breguet replica watch timepieces and shared this passion with those around him. Archival materials revealed that for over a century the Romanovs and many prominent Russian families had been clients of the House.

For its new Breguet Reine de Naples replica model, Breguet draws inspiration from one of the principal artistic symbols of Russia, the classical ballet. A source of national pride and an image of Russian art, ballet with its more than 300-year-old history has become an integral part of Russia.

Breguet’s latest work in the queen of Naples series pays homage to ballet and Russia. The brand uses its favorite shell relief technology to create the images of three graceful ballet dancers. The high relief craft needs to process the different levels of the shell, so as to create exquisite and extraordinary sculpture works.

Breguet has a deep historical origin with Russia. The watchmaker, Abrahan Louis Breguet , supplied clocks and watches for many royal family members, military officials and diplomats. Russian Tsar Alexander I enjoyed the art of watch making, especially in Breguet timepiece. He also shared this passion with people around him. According to the archives, members of the Romanov family and many prominent Russian families have been guests of Breguet for more than a century.

Breguet’s new queen of Naples wristwatches draw inspiration from the main Russian artistic symbol, classical ballet. Ballet, with a history of more than 300 years, is not only the source of national pride, but also a shining art card, which has become an indispensable part of Russia.