A masterpiece subverting the clock

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With the universe in mind, the tourbillon created by Breguet tourbillon watch is undoubtedly a masterpiece in the history of mechanical creation. Once upon a time, people used to wear watches and clocks vertically. For a long time, the clock industry was faced with a problem: because of the gravity, the vibration of the pendulum wheel would be too fast or too slow, resulting in time error. In order to solve this problem, Mr. Abraham Louis Breguet, the father of modern clock and watch making, conceived that all escapement mechanisms should be placed in a frame of constant rotation. Since then, all errors continue to appear at a fixed frequency, and they will cancel each other on the whole, so as to ensure the accurate travel time of the time meter. Mr. Abraham Louis Breguet, the father of modern clocks and watches, conceived that all escapement mechanisms should be placed in a frame of constant rotation. Since then, all errors will continue to appear at a fixed frequency, so as to ensure the accurate travel time of the time meter Today, Tourbillon is still the most complex and representative technology in the field of advanced tabulation.

In addition to the literal meaning of tourbillon, the word Tourbillon is defined in Descartes’ philosophical principles as “planets revolve around the sun and exist in the resulting vortex”. Inspired by this, Mr. Breguet named the new speed regulator Tourbillon. This invention also shows Mr. Breguet’s accurate interpretation and mastery of astronomy, philosophy and cosmic micro Science in the 18th century.

He is good at art, stable in “core”, and beautiful in shape. Over the past two centuries, the tourbillon has never stopped its exploration due to its fearless gravity and endless rotation. Through the perfect integration of art, aesthetics and technology, Breguet has continuously created the top-notch products of tourbillon, aiming to pay homage to the unprecedented masterpiece created by Mr. Breguet, which subverts the clock and watch industry

In 2020, Breguet specially launched the marine marine series Breguet Marine 5887 Tourbillon time equation watch with a rose gold and a rock grey gold dial. The movement of this large and complex chronometer is derived from the latest generation of ultra-thin automatic up chain touring flywheel 581 movement.

The movement not only carries an ultra lightweight 60 second flywheel frame with a total weight of no more than 0.290 g, but also has excellent 80 hour power reserve. It is also made thinner by directly meshing with the outside of the frame through an additional gear, which lays the foundation for the unique interpretation of the second complex function: the time equation of real-time display. In addition to the touring wheel and time equation, the integration of the calendar function also enhances the complexity of the excellent chronometer.

In 2020, Breguet added a touch of dark blue to the dial of classique classic series ultrathin Tourbillon watch by using the traditional “big open fire” enamel technology. The tourbillon is purely and perfectly interpreted on the simple dial, making it full of edge. The manufacturing process of the blue “Daming fire” enamel dial is particularly rigorous and meticulous. It must be fired several times at 800 ℃ and keep the temperature absolutely stable. Only in this way can the blue “Daming fire” enamel dial be endowed with unique texture and permanent color.

Under the dial, it is equipped with 581 movement, which is one of the most outstanding automatic up chain doffing flywheel movements in the world, with a thickness of only 3 mm. The watch is integrated with a platinum case with a diameter of 41mm, with a maximum thickness of 7.45mm. The surface bridge and spring box are all decorated by hand. Its bi-directional platinum ring-shaped automatic Tuotuo is located on the outer edge of the movement, and is hand decorated with carved patterns in Baoji watch making factory.

The inner quality is often the mystery of some works that are really lasting. Breguet classique classic series 5395 ultra thin Tourbillon hollowed out wrist watch is undoubtedly among them. This time, the Breguet ultra-thin 581 movement is used for the first time in a completely hollowed out design structure, which can be regarded as a contemporary interpretation of this inheritance technology. Behind its technical achievements, it touches a series of complex debugging. As far as the tourbillon is concerned, thanks to a complete redesign, the tourbillon frame made of titanium metal can directly mesh with the gear train instead of using the bottom gear as the medium.

In addition, Breguet achieved a reduction of nearly 50% of the movement material without affecting the framework. The hollowed out design on the 18K Gold movement with a thickness of 3mm can be said to have broken through the limit, which reminds us of the true essence of Breguet’s watchmaking master. With the application of hand engraving, Ji engraving and chamfering, the watch is more outstanding.

The pure and modern aesthetic design of Breguet tradition 7047 sesame chain Tourbillon watch creates unique conditions for the tourbillon and sesame chain transmission system on the top of the main board to show the beauty of machinery. The dial design emphasizes contrast and three-dimensional visual effect, and gives each part vigorous vitality.

The watch has an eye-catching tower shaped tourbillon device, which is equipped with a precise manual upper chain breguet569 movement, which is designed to be the closest structure to the movement structure of the first Tourbillon in history. The tower gear transmission system enhances the stability of the speed and ensures that the movement can always maintain a stable connection speed regardless of the extent of the main winding. The avant-garde design concept of watch reinterprets the watch making aesthetics created by the brand founder in the late 18th century.

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