Breguet Marine 9509 Replica Watches

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Breguet presents a new masterpiece of marine nautical series “Posidonia” high-grade jewelry and watch, elaborately demonstrating the charming charm of the ocean. Breguet Marine 9509 Replica Watches

Deep in the Mediterranean Sea lies a natural treasure: Posidonia Oceanica, an aquatic plant essential to the balance of marine ecology. Breguet used the mother of pearl inlay craft and the invisible inlay method to depict this aquatic plant’s tendril winding posture on the marine nautical series “bosidonia” high-grade jewelry wristwatch. The dial is inlaid with 85 square cut diamonds. It is like a shimmering wave, rippling lightly on the pearl oyster of Tahiti. The color of the mother oyster varies with the light, either deep or silver. The exquisite inlay technique also extends to the watch ring, the middle frame of the case, the ear and the clasp. Marine nautical series “Posidonia” high-end jewelry wristwatch is equipped with 591c ultra-thin automatic chain up movement independently developed and created by Breguet replica watch making factory. It moves naturally with time.

The fine-grained inlaying technology used by Tahiti mother of pearl oyster needs exquisite professional technology and keen insight. In order to create the marine nautical series “Posidonia” high-grade jewelry wristwatch, Breguet combines this technology with the invisible inlay method, so that the white gold material of the dial is hidden under the bright light of diamonds, and tends to be invisible in the field of vision. Breguet craftsmen carefully selected each mother of pearl inlay to make its glossy texture match the unique luster of each gem, and coordinate with the graceful curve of “bosidonia” seaweed. The elements blend with each other and shine, which is reminiscent of the continuous sunlight playing on the sea surface. The lines of the pattern are outlined with bright diamonds, stretching from the dial to the ear at the strap.

Elegant gold gems indicate hours and minutes. The end of the second hand is decorated with the letter “B” based on the maritime signal flag, which is also one of the unique designs of marine nautical series. The bezel is inlaid with traditional square cut diamonds, and the 12 hour scale is clearly distinguished by triangular diamonds, which is easy to read. The outer edge of the white gold case and crown is decorated with exquisite coin patterns. The polished white gold material is arranged alternately with square cut diamonds. The crown of the watch is inlaid with a water drop type cutting diamond, and the claw is inlaid with six square cutting diamonds. 14 square cut diamonds are inlaid on the crown bridge.

The design is also shown on the buckle of the leather strap, which matches the shape of the diamond ring and the Baoji pointer. The word “B”, which symbolizes the initials of Breguet, stands out against the light metal finish in the center of the clasp.

In order to enrich the diamond with the marine nautical series of Tahiti pearl oysters, Breguet has come up with three different versions, all of which are decorated with white mother of pearl shells with fine craftsmanship: blue with sapphire, red with ruby and green with emerald. Breguet starts with the three main colors of red, green and blue, and outlines the vine lines of “bosidonia” seaweed in different colors. The design is made up of 85 gemstones. The tone of each gem is carefully selected, then cut and presented on the dial with invisible inlay method. After several months of meticulous work, the brilliant beauty has been presented. Each marine high-grade jewelry wristwatch is unique and rare. Above the watch ring, the gem inlay continues the color matching of the dial and echoes with the inlay of the buckle. The metal finish in the center of the buckle and the lustrous leather strap are also colored in the main tone.

Through the transparent sapphire glass bottom cover, the 591c ultra-thin automatic chain up movement is clearly visible. The movement splint is engraved with the gem engraving pattern of marine marine series, which is inspired by the ship deck. The chamfered edge of the white golden pendula is decorated with bright diamonds, which is in sharp contrast to the mother of pearl oyster in Tahiti. “Horloger de la marine” is engraved on the edge of the white gold watch case in honor of the official honorary title of “Royal French Navy watchmaker” in 1815 by Mr. Abraham Louis Breguet. With Breguet’s extensive and profound technology, marine nautical series “bosidonia” high-grade jewelry wristwatches present the natural beauty of the marine world.

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