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With almost 200 years of experience creating Swiss-made watches, Chopard is one of the world’s oldest and best-known luxury watch and jewelry creators.

Including style, sophistication, and functionality beyond compare, this high-end retailer is for people who want to make an elegant statement.

Although an old business, Chopard continues to stay up-to-date with their designs and their image. This is obvious from their 2 million followers on Instagram and almost 1.2 million on Facebook. To get a good idea of the image they created, they have aligned with Julia Roberts for a couple of their jewelry lines. The brand has also been covered in the media by the likes of Forbes, GQ, WWD, and Vanity Fair.

My Chopard review will take a deep look into this luxury brand to see if they are worth your money before you buy. I’ll embark on this journey by checking out their products, promotions, customer testimonials, and more.
By the age of 24 years old, Swiss-born Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the son of a farmer, was already one of the best watchmakers in the world.

He not only became skilled with Swiss watchmaking but he added innovations that gave his pieces precision and reliability that were rarely seen in watches of that day.

His skill and elegance of design made him world-renown earning him commissions with Tzar Nicholas II of Russia and the Swiss Railroad Company.

After a lifetime of making Swiss-made watches, in 1915 his son Paul-Louis Chopard took over the family business. Keeping the same quality, he moved the company’s headquarters to the economic center of Geneva.

In 1943, the third generation in the form of Paul-Andre took over the business. With no sons interested in the business, he considered selling Chopard.

Along came German goldsmith and watchmaker Karl Scheufele III who was looking to acquire a Swiss manufacturer so that they wouldn’t have to rely on outside sources for their watches’ movement. Keeping the Chopard family artistry, Scheufele and his wife Karin started designing the aesthetics for the watches. Eventually, their family and descendants joined the business in various respects, usually involving themselves directly in the stylish designs.

The company then moved into jewelry and accessories, all of which are high-quality and make a statement.

Before taking a look into some of this luxury brand’s supreme products, my Chopard review will provide a bird’s eye view of what exactly makes this company so enduring. Over centuries, Chopard went from solely making exceptional watches to creating stunning jewelry, natural perfumes, and stylish sunglasses. In my Chopard review I’ll take a look at a few outstanding products from this best-selling brand. A redux of the popular 80s watch style, the St. Moritz, the Chopard Alpine Eagle XI Chrono is a blend of elegance and functionality – a luxury sports watch.

Exquisitely designed to evoke the Alps and the majestic eagle, this 18K rose gold case and dials, with a deep-black face, is a statement of elegance.

As an homage to the St. Moritz, this is the only of the Chopard watches in their men’s Alpine Eagle collection with a black calf-skin wristband, instead of metal.

The look makes it a luxury watch and the chronograph functions make it a sports watch. Not only does it have a timer, but it also has a flyback feature for multi-lap times. The titanium gives it strength and durability, as does the glare-proof, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal front glass. Not only that, but this watch is also water-resistant up to 100m.

This premium product comes in wrist sizes from 1-9. All this elegance and functionality should be enough, but I must mention in this Chopard review that this watch is also automatic, meaning that it self-winds and needs no battery. Designed by Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s “Big-Hearted Woman,” the Happy Hearts collection celebrates all women with big love to give.

The design of the Happy Hearts Flowers ring is exquisite. Mounted on, and outlined in, 18K ethical rose gold, it has a 0.05 carat diamond in the center.

The sparkly centerpiece is surrounded by a small metal ring, which in turn is amid a ring of hearts. The overall effect is of a flower with the hearts as the petals and the diamond as the pistil. The core of each heart is mother-of-pearl to add depth and brightness. This stunning, feminine ring comes in sizes 4.5 to 9.5. You won’t feel blue wearing the Chopard Ice Cube sunglasses, but you will feel pretty cool.

The large, square, electric blue front piece frame, gradient smoke lenses, and titanium temples come together to give these women’s sunglasses style and durability. But the best part of these glasses is that they are made from mainly biological materials. A great companion to the Alpine Eagle XI Chrono, Chopard Men’s Alpine Eagle sunglasses, make a statement in all black, with polished metal accents.

Like the Ice Cube sunglasses, the frames and lenses are made with biological materials. The black frames and smoke lenses are sleek and go with everything. Chopard jewelry is something that any woman would love for both its beauty and subtle statements. This makes them ideal for men who want an unforgettable, stunning, and thoughtful piece to give their special someone or beloved family member. No Chopard review would be complete without hearing from their customers. To start, the brand’s range of sunglasses is popular for both their style and their functionality.

Finding any flattering sunglasses can be difficult for some depending on the shape of their faces. Looking bug-eyed is a big problem for those of us with thin faces. This isn’t a problem with out featured brand, however, as one review on Trustpilot details:

“I have a hard time finding sunglasses that compliment my face but I found the most beautiful pair by Chopard. They are extremely comfortable and filter the sun incredibly well. They are exceptionally designed and I can wear them with a casual outfit or a fancy dress. I get compliments every time I put them on.”

One of the best Chopard reviews on Ezcontacts, without even mentioning the sun protection, explains why the steep price tag is worth it: “A perfect blend of elegance marked with sophistication and class. You definitely stand out when you wear these in a very distinct way. Worth every penny spent for the looks and distinction it offers.”

I think that customer’s tale of one of their watches would agree about the elegance and value of the brand. They bought the Chopard Superfast Sports Watch through and said that: “I just purchased a dream sports car. I wanted a watch with a motor sports theme.”

“I was concerned about its massive size because my wrist is only 6-3/4, but it’s one of the most comfortable watches I own. I rotate it with a Rolex, Panerai, Glashutte Senator among others. I keep coming back to this watch. Can’t take my eyes off of it which is a problem when driving a fast sports car. Haha”

I agree. Staying on the road should take priority over checking out your stunning watch, but I don’t blame you. All Chopard watches are stylish and eye-catching, especially the Chopard Alpine Eagle Xl Chrono. Its rose gold and titanium are the height of sporty luxury.

This brand’s quality is found across the board from their Swiss-made watches to their high-end glasses to their perfumes. Like the Ice Cube, this brand’s perfumes are made with natural ingredients. This Chopard review from a customer on the Nordstrom website shows why Chopard is considered a great luxury brand. They say:

“This is high quality! It’s beautiful from first spray through dry down. Not cloying, no headache! Not irritating to my skin. The natural ingredients makes a difference. It’s so beautiful and warm. Love it! Highly recommend!”

The only complaint from a customer on the Better Business Bureau shows how great Chopard’s customer service really is. This was their response to the complaint:

“A new pair of sunglasses will be sent in the next couple of days as a courtesy. Please note that the sunglasses were not purchased from a Chopard authorized retailer. Chopard isn’t directly liable for the product but is however granting this replacement in order to continue ensuring perfect customer service to all Chopard owners.”