Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart 36mm perfectly balances comtemporary sophistication with refined craftmanship. A precise cut-out design reveals our Swiss-made automatic movement in action as it keeps time through all of life’s beautiful moments. A variety of dial and strap combinations made from high quality materials offer a range of options for the modern woman.
Walking the thin line between dress and sport is a delicate balance, one made even more impressive when incorporating bold cutouts that reveal the movement beneath and a striking gradient dial. Luckily, Hamilton has more than a little experience in balancing design elements, having learned a thing or two during its storied 130-year history. Hamilton’s new releases, the Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto and Open Heart Lady Auto are dressy yet versatile takes on an open heart dial design, executed in a range of striking colorways and available in both 40mm and 36mm cases, perfect for both men and women.
Hamilton is no stranger to skeletonized watches, and you can find them across the brand’s range, including the angular Ventura watches made famous by The King, Elvis Presley. The Jazzmaster line is a natural fit for these new models, which provide a novel take on an open heart dial with carefully placed and intricately cut openings on the dial that showcase the mechanical elements beating beneath.
Whether you choose the larger 40mm case of the Open Heart Auto or the more modestly sized 36mm case of the Open Heart Lady Auto, each is beautifully finished with a mix of high-polish surfaces on the bezel and sides of the case, set off against finely brushed lugs. The lugs themselves are striking, as they extend up the sides of the stainless steel case, adding visual interest and a structural element. The result is that the case appears familiar at first glance, but a closer look reveals the high degree of craft and attention to detail that is the hallmark of Hamilton’s Jazzmaster line.
Needless to say, the dial is the true star of the show in the new Jazzmaster Open Heart collection. In its 40mm guise, the Open Heart Auto is available in midnight blue, deep green, or silver-white. Both the blue and green dials are executed with a gradient that evokes the smoky ambiance of a fumé dial, dark on the outside and brightening towards the center. The deep hues of green and blue are set off by a nickeled handset with SuperLumi-Nova on the hours and seconds hand. The silver-white model may not utilize a gradient dial, but it’s no less striking, with blue-flamed hands and markers that pop against the light background.
Interrupting those gorgeous hues on the dial are exquisitely executed cutouts on the revealing Hamilton’s H-10 movement beating beneath. The cutouts themselves are certainly worth a closer look, as each has a high-polish bevel transitioning sharply to a brushed inside edge. The cutouts are a perfect frame to draw the eye to the nicely decorated H-10 movement, allowing you to appreciate the mechanical marvel that makes timekeeping possible.
In creating the new Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto, Hamilton hasn’t forgotten about those with smaller wrists, or those who simply appreciate a smaller watch. At 36mm, the Open Heart Lady Auto offers additional colorways that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Available in black, ice blue, dark blue, or mother of pearl, these sophisticated dial options provide a striking compliment to the 40mm styles, substituting a gradient dial for a deep sunburst in the black and blue models. While the black dial has a strong, bold aesthetic that would work exceptionally well in a formal environment, the ice blue and mother of pearl provide a softer, more casual look.
The Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto 36mm shares the same unique cutout design on the dial as the 40mm, allowing you to get a good look at Hamilton’s H-10 caliber. An automatic movement, the H-10 has several important improvements over comparable Swiss calibers, including an 80-hour power reserve and NivachronTM hairspring. And, if the view of the movement from the dial side isn’t quite enough, Hamilton finishes the piece with a display caseback, allowing you to view the H-10 in its entirety.