Breitling Premier Heritage B09

It’s no secret that we have a strong affinity for Breitling watches here at Horologii but there’s something about their line-up for 2021 that has got us really excited. We’ve seen a new series of Chronomat South Sea Ladies watches, a Top Time Dues Limited Edition, a Chronomat Red Arrows Limited Edition and more recently, a new Avenger GMT Night Mission. Accelerating themselves into the festivities of the 2021 Watches and Wonders event which begins tomorrow, they have also just announced their brand new Premier Heritage collection which includes the Breitling Premier Heritage B09 Chronograph 40 which we’ll be looking at closely today.
During the early 1940’s, a time of war for much of the world, Breitling provided aviation instruments to the likes of the British Royal Air Force and many other forces through its HUIT Aviation department. These instruments were famed for their precision and reliability and yet Willy Breitling recognised at the time, that there were regular civilians who desired wristwatches of elegance and glamour to distract them from the brutality taking place. At this point in their history, Breitling were already highly regarded for their chronographs and so by combining their technical prowess for the chronograph complication with a new range of discerning and stylish aesthetics, the Breitling Premier Heritage B09 Chronograph 40 watch collection was born in 1943.
Just looking at the original Breitling Premier Heritage B09 Chronograph 40 launched in the early 1940’s and the new series of Breitling Premier Heritage B09 Chronograph 40 watches, it is clear to see plenty of inspiration has been drawn from its historic predecessor. The same choice of case materials, the familiar bi-compax dial layout, bold Arabic numerals and the easily operatable knurled crown, all embody Breitling’s vision of style and elegance. There are two Breitling Premier Heritage B09 Chronograph 40 watches to choose from, so let’s take a look at these in more detail now…