Versace Versace Dominus Watch for Men

Time rolls on inevitably bringing forth new eras and emotions, with certain objects marking visual representations of these life chapters. Many objects represent time passed — such as a bequeathed family heirloom or an old memory trapped in time through a photograph — but some objects surpass the confines of ephemerality, signifying timelessness. The Versace Dominus of Versace Watches Spring/Summer 2023 collection is an elegant symbol of perpetuity, remaining unchanged as it moves across days, months, and even decades, while still embracing contemporary trends and lifestyles.
The opulent design shows off an IP Champagne case and band, yet is marked by an athletic essence that allows the timepiece to traverse between the realms of luxury and street style. As such, the dynamic watch also constitutes the concept of duality. By visually pairing the model with various nostalgic objects throughout time, specifically technology as symbols of various decades — wired headphones, a rotary phone, a camcorder — Versace Versace Dominus Watch for Men illuminates the evanescent and everlasting qualities of the watch.
Contrasting the Chronograph against diverse objects from multiple time periods allows the timepiece to be comprehended through a surrealist lens. Many Versace silhouettes exist in a magical realm where any outcome is considered a possibility. Disruptive designs present scalloped seashells as bustiers or elaborate gold coins as pendants and the Dominus only continues this habit of bringing forth the unforeseen.
The Versace Versace Dominus Watch for Men boasts a 42 x 49.5 mm tonneau case, which displays a hybrid round and rectangular body shape — further cementing the duplicities of the design. The watch hosts a quartz Chrono movement with three counters and is finished with a lustrous metal band. Contrasting color accents continue to bolster this element of dualism while signature Versace elements cement the piece’s status as an object that is not only representative of time, but informed by its own history. A 3D Medusa head sits atop the dial and the Versace logo is present at the 12h marker — classic Versace Versace Dominus Watch for Men signifiers that remain resolute throughout every new collection and era.
Offering a more laid-back option that can be paired with a modern-day street style sensibility, Versace also introduced the Dominus in a silicone strap version. This style exhibits an embossed Versace logo and Greca motif strap which comes in a variety of color combinations: blue or white on a black strap with a gray Greca, or orange on a blue strap with a black Greca. The elevated iteration is also available with bracelets in stainless steel, gold, bicolor or all-black.