Versace Greca Reaction Watch for Men

Known for its trendsetting designs and styles, Versace watch remains the epitome of the luxury fashion industry. The founder Gianni Versace put the brand on the world map of luxury fashion by appealing to the rock and roll generation, Hollywood celebrities, and intriguing glamour. 50 years of experience in the industry gives the brand an edge for its fearless fashion with a contemporary essence. The brand has over 200 boutique stories and 1500 wholesalers worldwide, making the products available across 35 countries.
Versace watch entered into the world of horology only after the passing of the founder. In this article, we will learn more about Versace’s brand history and connection with watchmaking, we’ll also cover the brand’s watch collections and review some specific watches.
Donatella Versace, Gianni’s younger sister, took over the reins of the brand Versace after his tragic death in 1997. Her vision to run a successful business and remain a household name drives Versace to stay on top of the industry. The brand’s logo is the face of a Greek mythological figure, Medusa. The founder believed that people fell in love with Medusa when they looked into her eyes and envisioned her brand to have the same effect when people wore her fashion.
In 2004, Versace’s watch-making division went through a major change. Timex Group bought Versace SA. Ever since this acquisition, Timex has remained at the center of manufacturing luxury watches on behalf of Versace. For Timex, this was an interesting acquisition since it was their entry into the designer watch industry using Swiss movements and competing with high-end brands in a price range that were above Timex, with many Versace watches selling in the $1,000 range.
For Versace, this acquisition meant that they could manufacture and produce quality watches and increase distribution channels.
Although Donatella is no longer the head of the brand, she runs the show as the creative director.
In 2018, Michael Kors bought Versace. So the Versace brand is owned by Michael Kors (under Capri Holding Ltd.) but the Versace watch brand is still listed under Timex.
Michael Kors watches are made by the Fossil Group and Versace is made by the Timex Group. Confused yet? You might be surprised how many different watch brands are owned by larger groups. Like much of the fashion industry, watch brands have been acquired by large conglomerates