Urwerk UR-100V Time and Culture II

URWERK has embarked on another historically inspired journey with its latest timepiece, the UR-100V Time and Culture II, also nicknamed the “Sumer.” This watch collection delves into the core of Mesopotamian civilization, specifically spotlighting the ancient city of Ur, a significant source of inspiration for the brand.

Further inspiration is derived from the fact that the Sumerians of Ur, back in 3000 BC, pioneered the initial unit of time, establishing the basis for modern time measurement. They revered the number 60, which is mirrored in the 60 seconds and 60 minutes we use today.

Speaking more on this, URWERK’s co-founder and artistic director Martin Frei explained, “Through my reading and my travels, I’ve been fortunate enough to discover all the richness and diversity of the Sumerians. Their mythology is rich and fertile, their constructions truly timeless. This astonishingly little-known civilization is fascinating. For this new creation, I loved staging some of its hallmark features: mythology, astronomy, astrology and time measurement.”

Encased under a sapphire dome, “Sumer” is a tribute to ancient Sumerian deities, showcasing a modern rendition of the Sun god Utu at its core, represented by a four-pointed sun symbolizing the four cardinal points. Nestled between the lugs, in a seemingly orbital float, is the moon god Nanna, paying homage to Ur’s chief deity — all displayed through eccentric detail.

URWERK shared that the watch’s blue hue is an ode to lapis lazuli, linked to the goddess of Love, War and Fertility, Innana. This vivid color, along with authentic sky charts and planispheres, highlights the Sumerians’ astronomical prowess and their appreciation for celestial bodies.

Looking at its technicals, the UR-100V “Sumer” boasts a self-winding UR 12.02 movement, with a 48-hour power reserve. The meticulous laser-engraved designs, subtle yet precise, are designed to be a testimony to the Sumerian civilization’s timeless contribution to time and culture. The hours and minutes on the watch are uniquely displayed alongside data on the Earth’s rotation and revolution, offering a blend of history, astronomy and modern horology to the wearer.
Today, URWERK Geneve launched the all-new UR-100V ‘Time And Culture II’, featuring intricate laser-engraved motifs.

In a new artistic leap towards the future of independent watchmaking, URWERK dives into the hotbed of civilization, Mesopotamia, to draw inspiration for its second edition of the UR-100V Time and Culture Collection. The Swiss watch brand’s latest offering, titled ‘Sumer,’ honors the city of Ur and the Sumerians who defined the first unit of time around 3000 BC. Known for their astronomical wisdom and rich mythology, the Sumerians chose the golden number 60, laying the groundwork for the 60-second minute and 60-minute hour we use today. From its mythology to its architecture, the Sumerian influence is palpable in every detail of the UR-100V ‘Sumer.’ Nestled beneath its sapphire dome is a tribute to ancient figures like Utu, the Sun god, represented in a modern yet timeless four-pointed design. Orbiting subtlety between the lugs is the moon god Nanna, adding another layer of celestial reverence to the watch.