U-Boat Darkmoon 44 BR

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Colours have always influenced our emotions, our daily life, and they do it unconsciously, to the point of often becoming synonymous with our emotional states, stimulating our imagination and determining our mood. Wearing our favorite colours and their shades as well as beautifully designed objects is certainly a good strategy to have a more positive mood every day.
The new U-Boat Darkmoon 44 BR range consists of 13 watches characterized by the innovative concept of “Oil Immersion”, tested for the first time in the Capsoil model, where an oil bath completely immerses the Swiss Ronda quartz movement and completely surrounds the dial turning it into a full, deep color. A compensation bubble floats freely on the dial protecting the watch from the changes in the external temperature.
Always interested in how colors exert their influence upon us, Italo Fontana expands the U-Boat Darkmoon 44 BR collection of watches, offering the chance to its wearer to choose the nuance of the dial that feels most its own and positively influence its own moods passing from red, to black, to blue, to green and brown.
From a technical point of view, the designer from Lucca adds an innovative locking ring system with quick battery replacement, an innovation not only conceived for all Darkmoon models but also for the acclaimed Capsoil Chrono watch in both the steel case and the U-Boat Darkmoon 44 BR black DLC version.