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Glashutte early in 1845, the famous watchmaker ALange by the German government funded and built the production base of watches and clocks in eastern Germany glashutte (Glashutte). But after the two world wars, glashutte watch manufacturing industry all of a sudden isolated, until recent years glashutte company after the reorganization of the Corruptor Jianghu. 99 launch of the Senator double window calendar calendar table more Vienna watch of the year award. Their technology is absolutely beyond many Swiss brand watches. It was invented in 1930, the flying type of the flywheel (in short, the extremely complex micro device, used to offset the error caused by the gravity of the earth’s movement), the western world will be on display in Basel for 90 years “.

Its full series 100% self-made senior movement, adhering to the traditional German manual tabulation process. Each lasu watch is the one and only works of art, convey wearing noble taste.
One of as can be counted on one’s fingers in the world’s full range of watch 100% assembly self movement senior mechanical watch brand, glashutte (Glash u TTE original blood source has 165 years of watchmaking history of German watchmaking town Guerra Su pedicle (Glash u TTE). After years of ups and downs, glashutte (Glash u TTE original continuation with Germany has a long tradition of watchmaking, continue to write the legend of the German senior tabulation.
The German and Swiss watchmaking treasures: German watch model racing together bridle to bridle

Germany has the unique style, glashutte table is also so, German industry pay more attention to the technology, factory of very high technological content, function is very strong, durable products. And Germany’s watch industry has maintained this transmission system. In addition, the German table is generally less than the Swiss watch table as the design of the dial, the size of the watch is not as clever as the Swiss watch. German table design is relatively simple and practical. Glashutte is not only the model of German precision clock and watch industry, is also the contemporary the most important watchmaking center, with the Swiss watchmaking industry to keep pace.

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