How a man choose right watch for hisself

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A man should be based on his different age, identity, wearing different prices and brand watches. This is because a man’s taste and pursuit will be constantly changing with his age and character of the temper. So what kind of watch should a men wear. The following men’s watch recommend to you.

When you are Twenties years old, wearing quartz movement men’s watches is more suitable to you. Because this kind of watches are cheaper than others. More suitable for young people without too much income. Dress watches are okay for Thirties men. Mainly in chamber of Commerce party a image investment, highlights the calm and gentle style. Forty years old wearing men’s watches, I suggest you wear practical and beautiful coexist, highlight the quality and grade swiss watches. 50 years old you need to have a excellent quality watch with collecting and commemorative value, then watch the sentiment has turned to Hobbies, and is no longer simple identity.

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