American director Brian de Palma won the 2015 Jaeger Le Coulter Director Award in Venice

Venice Biennale and Jaeger LeCoultre is pleased to announced that outstanding American director Brian de Parma (Brian De Palma) won the Venice International Film Festival in 2015 Jaeger LeCoultre glory to the filmmaker Award (Jaeger glory to the Filmmaker 2015). The award is intended to honor those who have made a creative contribution to contemporary film outstanding people.
For this award, Film Festival director Barbera – Alberto (Barbera Alberto) said, Blaine Palma grew up in an era of creative thought (70’s), is one of the industry’s most powerful director, he is a great creative freedom to build a perfect narrative mechanism, testing new technology solutions, to abandon the traditional language norms, explore aesthetic skills, and through his work to celebrate his favorite author. When watching Blaine de Palma ‘s film, we can’t help but turn to a general audience. Although we consciously avoid being too immersed in the film, we know it clearly, in any case. De Palma’s film is interesting to be unable to describe; it is a pleasant visual experience, but also a kind of hanging people’s appetite game. When to see things for re creation, he always keep a heart of the experimenter’s curiosity and in building and image processing, the basic attributes of the enabled Parma in Hollywood many emerging filmmakers became one of the oldest outstanding innovators.
Jaeger-LeCoultreĀ is a great honor to be awarded the director award to Brian de Palma,Jaeger-LeCoultre global president Daniel Riad (Riedo Daniel). For ten years, we have supported the film art and the Venice International Film Festival by continuously promoting the innovation and creativity of the film. Clock precision and the perfect performance of the film art originates from the common concept, both of which require months or even years of concentration and patience, let professional skills into both of unsurpassed beauty and cutting-edge technology masterpieces and enduring.




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