The Latin word

The Latin word for gem literally means “unique,” because in the italian capital only people from the upper classes were permitted to put on jewellery with this particular unique and delightful jewel. In modern years, the term still applies, despite the rising popularity of pearls in all kinds of jewelry from earrings to necklaces. For those in the know, pearls are slowly becoming a unique alternative to the diamond in engagement and wedding rings as well.

If you are thinking about choosing a pearl as the center stone in your engagement ring, or balancing the luster of the pearl against the sparkle of a diamond in a three-stone setting or wedding band, you will want to do a little pearl-hunting yourself first. There are many kinds of pearls, both natural and cultured, as well as many varieties of artificial pearls. Obviously, to have an occasion as essential as an engagement or wedding band, you will need to purchase a quality gem which will retain its beauty and price.

Pearls are available in classic pearly white, of course, which is a beautiful choice for an engagement or wedding ring as it will coordinate beautifully with the bride’s wedding look. Many brides opt for pearl jewelry to subtly enhance their wedding gowns without overpowering the look, and a pearl wedding ring can match other jewelry easily.

Some people looking for a truly unique engagement or wedding ring opt for colored pearls. Many colors of pearls such as blue, black and green, occur naturally and are considered among the most valuable pearl types. The deep luster of those gems contrasts wonderfully using the light and sparkle of the gemstone-encrusted setting. Many jewelry design experts will recommend that if you use a pearl as a center stone in an engagement ring, you retain the classic eye-catching appeal of the diamond with an elegant diamond setting. A fluted pavé setting props up jewel safely and provide an apparent counterpoint for the subtle glow.

Pearls are actually treasured as magical and special for many thousands of years, designing the arms and ears of royalty from Nefertiti to Full Elizabeth. They have been said to connote innocence, beauty and the mystical power of the moon. Harness that history with a pearl engagement or wedding band.

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