Wedding Tips Professional Wedding Make Up Tip 2012

Wedding Tips, Wedding Makeup Tip – Every woman wants the glamorous look at her big day. Makeup art can not be skipped from the life. The general makeup is carried by every woman in routine but the wedding make demands some extra care in each and every thing. To make the make up of the big day most memorable and most glamorous there is the need of certain tips to be adopted at least three months before the actual big day.

The finding of the professional is also important and should be done at least six months before the day so that he or she get acquainted with the bride” skin type and her personality and have time to prepare the bride according to the demands of the occasion .

1. The soft smooth and glowing skin is the needs of the best make up. So first of all deal with the skin of the bride. If there is some flaw as pimples or the spots or any other unusual marks or the complexion is not fair then the strategy is taken to eliminate all such unusual things and make the radiant glow for the bridal makeup.
2. The cosmetic products to be selected for bridal make up are checked by the beautician and their allergy test to the skin are noticed before the actual day. The brands of the cosmetic products are used as the bride use before. No new formulas are to be chosen so that any annoying situation can not be faced.
3. Foundation for the base make up is taken of such quality which gives the glowing appearance to the skin.
4. The eye shadows and the other eye makeup are also done complementary to the wedding outfits.
5. The make up selected for the bride is water proof and with glossy touch.
6. The blusher used for bride always is in nice shades and give the natural look.
7. The eyes of the bride draw the special attention in makeup. The false eye lashes with mascara, eye liner and eye shades used in very decent way and according to the trends.
8. The lip make up is such that the lips become fuller, pouts and kissable.

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