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3970 calendar chronograph

SNAP BACK, Patek Philippe gold, machine No. 875019, case No. 2824129, No. 3970. Manufactured in 1986, sold in December 18th, 1986.

< p > 18K Gold watchcase, circular button chronograph, calendar, moon phase, the lift button Shibiao back, two-tone dial and 18K Gold Patek Philippe table buckle, movement types 27-70 years Q.


: the estimated price of CHF

price including commission: 134500 CHF

Patek Philippe

3970 calendar chronograph


also is the gold version, the same configuration of the 27-70Q movement, but this is only 3970 of the transaction price is usually higher than 1/2, of course, is not accidental. The lot is the auction Patek Philippe launched the first generation 3970, surface the lift button design, the styles of known amount of surviving does not exceed 100. So, gold can shoot over a platinum price, but also reasonable thing.

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