Men’s luxury high Jewellery Collection [figure] _ watch _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s

< p > jewellery this a good business inspired major brands come to China for gold ambition, even even, few people know the wealthy family also in Beijing held grand exhibition of watches and clocks; Chanel also recently in Beijing held their senior jewelry watches exhibition; and it is said that the next plan in Beijing Exhibition of is still on the other a senior jewelry watches brand, Chopin.

however, the jewelry table is often considered a woman’s exclusive. Men in the purchase of their watches, often do not consider this "hand decorated" feature highlights the watch, this and today’s fashion magazines are recommended to escape the relationship, in the layout of the fashion magazine, jewelry table often as women’s jewelry accessories, and men’s watches accessories selection, is often prominent features and design.

< p > Bucherer international chief executive Thomas mort summarize the relationship between man and jewelry table very subtle, "men of the jewelry table may be more is to appreciate, appreciate the design, technology, and the gold watch behind the story and history. In nature, however, men prefer to have a preference for mechanical and functional, but this does not mean that men don’t appreciate jewelry. Men may not have a strong desire to own a piece of jewelry, but most would like to have a woman wearing a jewelry watch."

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