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< p > Patek Philippe: need not verbosity, Patek Philippe is auction crowned king, in the famous international auction venue,, Patek Philippe has always been high popularity, first we introduced two Patek Philippe auction stars.

Patek Philippe

5002 sky moon tourbillon

< p > Star Story: as long as appear in the auction will be the king of the wrist watch auction! More in 2012 Sotheby’s autumn auction topped the high price to HK $494 million transactions, refresh the types of auction world record.

< p > value secret: Patek Philippe 5002p nickname sky moon Tourbillon 5002p type is Patek Philippe since its inception the most complicated watches, also be regarded as one of the best extant works. A 686 block movement,
Michele Watches, which formed the 12 most important watch complex function. Because of the very technical complexity and intricate design, in the 180 Patek Philippe master watchmaker, one can make the types of.

< p > Patek Philippe 5002 sky moon tourbillon, a very important and rare,
Franck Muller Watches, 18K white gold double dial watch, with 12 complex functions, including: three questions, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, inverse return calendar, star chart, stars, phases of the moon and the moon orbit, trajectory display, types of 5002, attached certificate and box, 2006 of.

Patek Philippe three Q: a special edition of the

Star Story: in the two years of the Watch Only charity auction, with a staggering 1400000 euros turnover, becoming the highest bid.

< p > value secret: not limited to Patek Philippe, in the watchmaking industry can be called "King class watch, 3933. This was undoubtedly the case. Pure Swiss watchmaking family lineage, black titanium ceramic enamel disc and hidden in the back of delicate tourbillon, nearly a hundred pieces of movement jewels collocation, every year a handful of turnover and for buyers strict selection verve, 3922 is by no means the wave of fame, more is it uses many people become three questions sound "gold partner" stainless steel watchcase to do, not sought to blame.

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