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since the advent of a hundred years ago, moisture (water), dust (dust),Franck Muller Watches, magnetic force (magnetism) and (shock) is the four enemy of the watch. In the twenty or thirty’s of last century, the watch manufacturer began to study the method of resistance to the external force, in order to increase the durability and durability of watches. Although before the 20th century, there are a few watchmakers,Michele Watches, such as Francis Baumgartner, Paul perregaux and Georges peret etc. can produce high-quality case, providing better sealing, and thus have a good waterproof performance, and omega, Longines also has the such case. However, the founder of Hans Wilsdorf Rolex is the real potential to see the waterproof watch, to further the whole hearted devotion, and more and then truly will be the introduction of waterproof watch market, and won the first public acclaim. At present, the vast majority of watches experts are recognized Omega and Rolex is the study of the waterproof performance of the pioneer and promoter.

< p > is generally believed that, during the Second World War combat and military popular is promote diving watch another reason for rapid progress. At that time the United States Navy by Hamilton (Hamilton) sea bees diving watch, the water depth had advanced to about 50 meters, the technology is mainly double table dubbed enhanced the waterproofing; Russian Navy also have similar army; and the hostility of Germany and Italy Offi cine Panerai,
Movado Watches, is is with special pressure gauge crown system,, make the dive table effective depth reaching 30 metres.

after ten or twenty years, in addition to Philippe Patek (Patek Philippe) and Piguet Audemars (Audemars Pigeut) and other small table factory, almost all of the Swiss brands have been put into the production of diving table. For example, eterna in 1955 launched its famous Kon Tiki. 1964 IWC (IWC) launched its first generation Aquatimer, Jaeger (Jaeger LeCoultre) push issued alarm performance diving table Polaris, and Vulcain is pushing issued by the Cricket-Nautical pressure gauge. Even the original top luxury brands Piguet Audemars and Philippe Patek, respectively, in 1972 has launched a maritime theme of the sports table Oak Royal and Nautilus. Temporarily left who is the first historical debate and myth, we can just said is the watch factory efforts and innovation, and work together to build a dive tables and other sports watch a vast sky.

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