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on new material watch do you know how much?

Q: the new material is more expensive

watch?< p > A:20 1930s and watchmaking industry specification for high and low cost also prompted "steel" and "copper" began to replace the precious metals (gold, silver) become a case of raw materials. But now titanium metals, ceramics have been developed to the laboratory, the brand is still expensive to develop new material costs.

Q: what are the advantages of the new material watch

?< p > A: wear is new material to solve the most important watch. In addition,, the light also makes it more suitable for sports wear. Some people see from the appearance of the new material, tungsten titanium alloy is smooth and bright,, some watches have fashion fans.

whether the watchmaker or the user attaches great importance to the whole case and watch the durability. So, all kinds of ways to make it more robust and durable method is applied in the design and manufacture, but still can not get rid of the dependence on brass, steel. Until the end of the Second World War, the modern high-tech materials gradually to the watchmaking industry provides a new way to solve. At that time,, is the most representative of the tungsten titanium alloy, and was dubbed the nickname "hard metal" because of its hardness only to diamond.

Rolex is strong and durable, because it is used for the low carbon austenitic steel in the high temperature quenching process, the steel from the martensite to austenite carbon molecular separation was relatively complete, so as to retain the characteristics of martensitic steel, and uphold the good ductility of austenitic steel. And in Rolex’s steel also contains nearly 3% of copper, so it can be so strong.

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