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brand choice,www.www.eucheapjerseys.com, just watch and have a style of one’s own embraced each other. Barana is the headquarters of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), with large telescope (Large Telescope Very), the European astronomical flagship device and the same type of the most advanced optical instrument. Portugal Sidé rale; Scafusia watch creation objective for different astronomical display accurate combination. If the theory of this new highly complex attention of the watch,Tudor watches, the non constant Tourbillon dial is. However, watch the bottom cover is also favorably. In the tiny space neat display chart, horizon, geographical coordinates, the sun,www.bagsbagu.com, the star day, sunrise and sunset display, and day and night and dawn. The number of days in the display behind is an integrated calendar. While astronomers in Parana hill through the giant telescope to explore tens of billions of light-years away in the universe, all from journalists around the world are gathered from nearly 150 European Southern Observatory scientists working for the "Residencia" and understanding of Portuguese Sidé rale scafusia watch making history and development overview. This is one of the world’s leading astronomical research center, let people have a chance to see the is difficult to get a glimpse of the dark night sky like, no wonder the IWC location in this unique environment, demonstrate the first this target audiences a watchmaking brand mileage of extraordinary watch.

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two time< p > the earth’s time to the length of the mean solar day is based, as for the observations of the stars is depends on the stars (Latin "sidus") the sidereal day. The two dates are of different lengths. The average solar day is 24 hours, and the average time of the sun passes through a particular meridian. The star’s Day is an infinitely distant star, and the observation point of the beginning and end of the observation point is in a vertical state, which measures the time required for the earth to rotate around its axis. On the other hand, because the earth is not only around the axis of rotation, but also around the sun, the sun, the sun, the sun is shorter than the average solar day about four minutes. An hour and minute indicator is displayed at the 24 hour of the "12 o’clock" position of the dial, showing a very accurate star. The gear is very precise, and the full year error of the star is only 11.5 seconds, up to a maximum of seconds,
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Sidé rale Scafusia by the Portuguese; can watch, two different ways are. The average sun, which is our daily life of the way, to the central hours and minutes of the pointer display. The ball shaped Tourbillon is displayed in the second position on the "9 o’clock". Tourbillon to the entire chassis nearly a quarter of the area, the anticipated size teach people to leave a deep impression, and connoisseurs appreciate its extraordinary >

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