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1997 Hong Kong handover, Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong co-ordinate the Asia first independent auction of watches and clocks, more than 250 auction sold a combined 10 million Hong Kong dollars. 14 years Pronto, in October this year Sotheby’s Hong Kong autumn watches auction, the turnover of more than 400 gold watches up 1.12 billion HK dollars, a Sotheby’s global watch auction history, the highest since the transaction records, which 23 auction is HK $100 million to the high turnover.

< p > Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong Watch experts from the Ministry of Chen Kaijia Ms. told the China business signs up for "the reporter:" every year, Hong Kong will be in spring (may) and autumn (10 ~ 11 months) will be held in the two large-scale auction of watches and clocks. As a result of the auction in the spring, is the year of the first auction, size is not too large, mainly is thoroughly, look at the market is what kind of expectations, for the fall of the auction will be ready to do. Autumn auction in terms of size, quantity and type of auction, are much greater than the spring auction."

< p > as a ten years experience of watch auction of experts, Chen Kaijia said: "attend a Sotheby’s watch autumn auction of watches, both from the rarity, quality, or style, are quite attractive. In the turnover of more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars 23 auction, more than half are on the market it is difficult to find the styles, only Patek Philippe) accounted for 40%. "

< p >, a medal early Patek Philippe 1518 types of pink gold watch, eventually to HK $554 million become turnover of the highest auction, also a gold Patek Philippe 3939 models gold watches, Patek Philippe enamel solar clock, respectively to 422 million Hong Kong dollars and 206 million Hong Kong dollars, refresh the two World Records in the auction of watches and clocks.

< p > Christie’s shoot a medal in 1943 production, the value of 5.7 million Swiss francs of Patek Philippe watches, the price from the auction of watches and clocks in the history of the highest on record but also differ 90 million Swiss francs. (the maximum value of 6600000 Swiss francs, Patek Philippe watches, which was produced in 1946.

)< p > according to the Chen Kaijia, to join the Sotheby’s autumn watches auction buyers, mainly from in Southeast Asia. There are many mainland Chinese buyers.

she said: "the auction will be 1/4 of the buyers are new customers. Asian buyers accounted for an absolute majority, including the growth of mainland buyers in mainland China is particularly evident from the tender to the successful bidder of the final success of more than 30% Chinese buyers, an increase of 5% to 10%. Sellers are mostly European, due to the European debt crisis, a lot of people are hoping to cash in the hands of the watch auction."

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