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OMEGA antique table

antique table belongs to the most important category of second-hand table, as for what is meant by "antique table", although usually said "antique" two words need to history as a yardstick, but due to the history of a clock is still short, not as a furniture as a few dates back to several generations, as long as it is no longer continue to produce the table, is described as an antique table".

< p > authored expert energy is limited, even if it is a case, the cores of the mark, so there is no seen a be called comprehensive identification of books. Anyway, days and months multiplying knowledge is required, the tuition fee is required. See Taiwan a famous second-hand table book,, you know you want to become experts, tuition will undoubtedly.

as for the identification of the movement, and the identification of the dial is not so intuitive, the need to have a certain knowledge, and even have to have a maintenance experience to do. Different types and grades of the movement, there is always a basic movement, which resulted in the movement of the machine parts of the exchange. In particular, such as OMEGA Omega, Longines Longines is widely owned brand. I began to dabble in antique table ten years ago, China had a lot of assembling table strokes. For example, the general Cal.565 machine with OMEGA to replace the Observatory’s Cal.564 movement and other techniques,, the novice does not look much different,, the movement is also a normal, but the veteran can be based on the plate and color of the inscriptions.

years ago to some of the friends care about whether the open cover, there is no maintenance history and other issues is very much, but soon understood that the 90% of the table is repaired, the view that there is indeed an insightful. Second-hand table, especially some yield less antique table, movement with special structure, parts of rare, Huayibujing small things, if the maintenance of the master only hold attitude of a mechanical product repair, nine times out of ten, to bad. Once on a gold Patek Philippe Cal.27-460M antique movement of calendar conversion action have doubts, sent to the same table fan repair master there to check, the results before the discovery of the maintenance of the master the calendar disc position of the pallet installed wrong, but also easily screwed spent a few screws. So the original movement of the antique table to maintain a serious attitude. , of course, to movement to ensure the normal operation and replaced with parts is another matter, because for an artificial heart than refusing to good.

Patek Philippe antique table

The identification of

movement is often not in the official hands,, because of technical reasons, or because of the lack of data files, and cause the difficulty and depth of movement identification. Today you can according to the hand of PP case and movement number, send mail to the headquarters of the PP Patek Philippe, spend 100 francs, you can fill a indicate the factory and the date of sale, but for the movement and dial in the original is no Mentioned (review) "certificate".

The refurbished

case is not much technical content, pure handmade. I’ve seen it in the second-hand table.

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