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the night of the night – the other side of the night

dark night aesthetic

some watch the day to see the momentum, the night will be gentle and quiet, some of the table in the daytime quiet and dull, and one night will suddenly be gorgeous as fireworks. A table playing table is not due to the moment, the same. No surface and the truth, perhaps just this moment, he was. This time we want to say, is a range of art and technology control in the eyes of the luminous watch.

< p > during the day to see you will be slightly too fancy "California", to the night you will find its graceful: half Roman numerals half Arabic numerals dial design,, in the night all watchcase surface detail is spent only left luminous pointer and scale, form the watch will break the monotony, is fun. And it is important to read, it is very easy to be in the night, and if the scale is simple and consistent, it is hard to tell what you are. And about this famous "California" also probably Rolex fans hearts and more than tangled (saying the "California" was originally specializing in production of precision instruments Panerai told the Italian Navy commissioned by the system, which uses a Rolex movement and crown technology,, and the number of 3464 "California" Rolex Panerai watches has become the darling of the watch collectors). That later spread far and wide in the World War II Italian piece,, Panerai has also been "cute" arrangement for a while for the Italian Navy "lay shot back. But it is undeniable, Panerai and Rolex in luminous technology and continuously explore.

On the other side of the

night legend — top watch of the night< p > in the dark hours of readability, most of the watch is on the key scale with different shapes in order to make a distinction,L. Leroy Watches, such as Rolex 12 o’clock position is usually inverted triangle, and Panerai is best known is typical of 369 type, namely at 3, 6, 9 scale by Arabic numerals. Of course, the clear luminous display, also have to mention Panerai famous sandwich sandwich structure dial, so to maximize the effectiveness of luminous material. And Rolex also do not throw in the towel, was widely welcomed the "Mercedes Benz needle", is in the clockwise to "Mercedes Benz" shape increases luminous range, so you can be the simplest way to tell time.

Pohl table of the "lantern", not only from the form of color to distinguish. Blue gas lamp is arranged on the scale of minutes and 12 o’clock gas lamps for orange, green gas lamps in Chronograph pointer, and yellow gas lamp is arranged on the hour, minute and second hands on. In a completely dark space, see a day exploration watch quite brave, become like the fireworks shining sky.

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