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was a critical moment in the two World War, the United States and other countries in the United States and other countries in the United States and other countries are filled with tight tight atmosphere,, but also revealed that some of the great victory of the light. The British Navy deployed in the Mediterranean royal destroyer team (the British Mediterranean fleet) where Egypt Alexandra, Alexandria, especially easy to feel the heavy pressure of the survival of the key, because in the fleet only H.M.S valiant and H. M. S. Queen Elizabeth two can dominate the battleship. And hostile to Britain of the axis of the Italian military certainly know the enemy of this weakness, if can sank the two ships, the axis fleet can be marched into Libyan Lybia area, is a fiery African War African War of great help.

< br / > the lack of aircraft carriers and precision system let the Italian Navy during the war actually living in disadvantage. However, they also developed a by the legendary naval lieutenant Teseo Tesei conceived, is greasy said for IL Maiale (the pig or hog or more appropriate to call for Blackseal, also known as the SLC (Italian Siluri a lenta corsa, slow run this in the loudspeaker) "human" torpedo human this device to try to battle to reverse the decline. Italy is especially for the establishment of a named the commando unit of the X Flottiglia MAS tenth flotilla to take charge of this task and trained commandos known as gamma group gamma group.

unique time scale design Panerai Radiomir underwater military watch

< p > the Italian Navy invention which is said to "human slow torpedo",
Michele Watches, in fact,, is neither true torpedo nor by human to promote. Maiale is actually a by battery driven along the water boat, for carrying two diving soldier (a driver and a navigator), the front of the boat is filled with a high detonation of explosives. When diving soldiers quietly will Maiale driving to neglect prevention of ship target in the bottom of the boat and fixed to the exquisite where the bone,
Graham London watches, diving set explosive time, and quickly fled the scene. Although the Allies try to prevent, the deployment of heavy obstacles, the Italian Navy still with a trained commando and excellent diving equipment collocation Maiale. During World War II sunk the ship allied warships, record is outstanding.

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