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watch the demolition, assembly as long as the attention of some of the points, I believe you can not love the table. However, when the watch is assembled, when everything seems to OK, in fact, the most troublesome problems will follow close on succession. Found not to go on time,topwatchbest, to begin to check it one by one,Movado Watches, is where the problem and remedy,http://www.love4usale.com, which involves not only technical problems, the more important experience, therefore cannot be enumerated narrative and visual images of, so had no choice but to ask the interested friends from height "hint", but still will be some impact on the running accuracy problems and elimination methods are proposed, may be able to lift your many doubts.

to understand the exact watch is not accurate, the best way is to test the professional test machine.


general test is in the upper and lower, 3 o’clock 3 directions respectively in no wind, upper wind and wound up under the condition of 9 times the test, taking the average of all the data as a reference data for the upper left (judgment error value "-" daily standard is +10/-10; the middle center "value – error is +5/-5; the right for the" swing "- because of different frequency and different settings, such as vibration frequency 28800 times per hour amplitude in about 270 considered above the standard; the right under the number according to the" frequency ",HERMES WATCHES, the remaining numbers and watches are not directly related, this is not superfluous the line on the screen), the test should be smooth lines, wave or diagonal, said watch has a problem, need to further grasp and eliminate problems.

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