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Eddie Peng plays Li Hang: be passionately devoted many gold man

< p > Li Hsing is like a neotenous children, both five years ago on the eve of graduation of the proposal, or five years after this field in order to test the Qiao Qiao fake marriage, he always with a heart filled with love to dominate their own actions, direct unaffected but not mature enough. But at the same time, he is also vulnerable, because five years ago failed to propose, break up the pain has been suppressed in his heart,
click here, so his anger and strenuous, so he wants to find someone to fake marriage,, all this are because he is afraid of again be Qiao Qiao refused.

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after five years of Lee keep one’s head above water, finally ushered in the cause of the spring turned gold, metrosexual man. Wine red thick flower of the sweater with the solid color shirt, strong artistic temperament,, a black leather strap watch is added a sort of a big boy’s charm of sunshine and a man’s mature and firm and persistent. Jhihbo series this world watch assembly the Girard perregaux carefully developed GP33C0 automatic winding movement, dial is distinct,, when time scales minute by the luminous layer treatment, day and night display crisp.


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