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CONQUEST series L3.661,www.eucheapjerseys.com.4.06 watch

watch review: Longines has always been a source of inextricable and many world-class sports, such as gymnastics and equestrian. In the eyes of the public, Longines watch has been the embodiment of tradition and elegance. Longines and the combination of equestrian, a common interpretation of the king of the extraordinary charm of the movement. Can be used as the official sports official time of the brand, Longines’s functional accuracy is not to be questioned. Stainless steel case with ceramic decorated, perfect fusion in the material more,http://www.fashion-chrono.com, more noble temperament. The Longines Chronograph Stainless steel material has the characteristics of wear resistant, for is to cooperate with the users wear the more perfect performance, and no need to worry about the case and strap is worn. The waterproof function of 300 meters, not only can fully cope with waterproof,http://www.wrist4usale.com, even the rain, there is no need to worry about damage to the movement. When the wristband with cool texture is put on your wrist, quietly convey to you is: moving to elegant.

watch series:

series motor

movement type: automatic mechanical

case material: stainless steel and ceramic

braceletstuff: Steel –


case diameter: 41 mm

domestic price: 20900

SPORT (Sports) series 102360 watch

< p > watch comment: do not think that the nobles of the business in addition to suit is a briefcase. They must have had several pairs of good sports shoes. Weekdays in the company has not finished the phone conference and the poor, the work required to perfect. Also for the enjoyment of the holiday, they still have a unique high quality pursuit. In addition to the production of MontBlanc attended the business activities of the watch, watch more sports can provide the perfect service for your holiday. This Montblanc sport series of watches from the black dial with white pointer, colour collocation not only beautiful and easy to read. Arabia digital scale on the table, the table is more dynamic charm. The calendar window design for your intimate,
www.24onhere.com, record the holiday carried away every day.

watch series:

series motor

type: automatic movement

case material: stainless steel

braceletstuff: steel

case diameter: 41.5

domestic price: 19600

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