Large scale gangster film war on drugs Louis Koo Honglei versus special watch design [map] watch pro

if you want to ask what new trends on the big screen,luxury watches, the April file of the film "poison war" will definitely give us a pleasant surprise. The rich in detail, true story, not artificial, not romance, almost perfectly will the realistic scene of narcotics to show to the audience. The inside of the failed battle tells the story of a "poison poison more people than the story". In order to show the theme of the film, a large number of special circumstances and large scale scenes appear in front of the viewer. If the watch has a special design for them to wear on a few,click here, what will be the scene?

Louis Koo and

drug lords to be extremely cruel and merciless

car show

speed go by like the wind.< p > as a representative of the Hong Kong films sportsman, Louis Koo to a another gangster movies and action movies laid the its position on the big screen. As in his days without leaving too many traces of the body,, the increase is just that a mature and domineering. As the villain in "poison be extremely cruel and merciless warfare" in his superb performances,, brought to us. But for his watch, it shows like Chopin racing showdown go by like the wind speed series.

< p > this is a belongs to classic racing series of 162286-5001 watch has different from other watch standard design, low-key black background has exaggerated digital modeling, and exaggerated the number of irregular break the normal rules, as if tells Louis Koo plays a villain to mentality survival how to break the routine of self preservation.


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