Get rid of other watch AB with your office but advanced fashion ICON (2)

Gao Yuanyuan: and the neutral wind

< p > GAO Yuanyuan style variety,, sometimes charming flirtatious, sometimes fresh, handsome, both long hair or short hair she could to their proper interpretation. GaoYuanYuan this short hair style, there is a kind of pure and fresh beautiful beautiful, simple collocation with white watch with very tacit understanding.

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navigation watch series

< p > as the world’s smallest automatic chronograph,, exquisite Breguet marine 5.88 watches has been to the 34.6mm petite figure attract the attention. Before only diamond encrusted styles, but in the 2011Baselworld, the wristwatch launched the rose gold or platinum gem mounting styles and watch makes it more suitable for everyday wear.

[Purchasing Guide]

Beijing store (Breguet shopping center)

address: Beijing City Shopping Center No. 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue

Shanghai store (Breguet Art Center)

address: No. 19,, No. 23, Nanjing, the Bund, Shanghai, Shanghai (),

Hongkong store Breguet (TST)

address: Hongkong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Guangdong No. 2A 1881


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