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watch "Xian" sweet temptation pink


W31075M7 watch series< p > pink as one of the most representative girl sense of color, in candy colors popular summer appearance rate is quite high. But this one from Cartire DELICES DE CARTIER series W31075M7 watch is to be able to meet all the needs of you pretending. The texture of the stainless steel and the time of the standard simple to bring the beauty of simplicity. Pink dial with rounded lines, let you instantly "Xian".

collocation Tips

wants to create a fairy like feel,, butterfly knot, dress and lace are essential elements. Dressed in a pink lace veil,, a pair of butterfly knot white high heels,, a pale pink purses, are sufficient to let you enter the fairy kingdom of dreams. The most important is the Cartire classic watches, fine pointer at a glance can let you read time.


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