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< p > famous singer Taylor Swift once in 10 years with a Purple Floral strap skirt appearance in American country music, very sexy. Let a person feel sorry is hand seems to lack a music watch. The Breguet complex music watch case is 18K gold round case,luxury swiss watch, absolutely worthy of her. At the same time,www.love4usale.com, Breguet as the top watch brands,luxurylikestore.com, and many famous music events and music groups contact together, such as lucerne Summer Music Festival, international music competitions in Geneva and Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

Swift floral skirt debut American country music awards


watch series 5177BBA/12/9V6

watch Breguet Heritage


watch list box engraved an exquisite music music symbol, with a strong sense of music and art. The case on the installation of a delicate and take several months to complete the patent music mechanical device assembly. Just press the button is located at ten points, or to set the alarm time, the watch will emit crisp tones. Innovation with the introduction of audio features to watch, not only to Breguet and music more closely, also let Breguet to consolidate the prestige and authority of their own, makes the company became one of the incarnations of European art and culture.


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