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] Audemars Pigeut new millennium watch recommendation (Millenary) series watch

skySeries of < p > Audemars Piguet Millennium (Millenary) in under the light of day of jubilation or deep starry night quietly passing seconds, draw inspiration for the creation of the millennial star series, celestial theme and the stars of the story, in a poetic way to remind the rhythm of time people from the sky of stars. Deep night and day to celebrate the glorious watch as to praise the beauty of the sky.

[purchase address]

Beijing Audemars Pigeut store (Wangfujing)

address: Beijing City,, Wangfujing,, East Street,fashion watches, No. 8,click here, Macao,

phone: 010-58138256; 010-58138156

Hongkong Audemars Pigeut monopoly

address: No. 29

, Queen’s road, central, Hongkong

phone: 852-25255478; 852-28775031

Macao Audemars Pigeut monopoly

address: Macao Road, road, Macao Four Seasons Hotels

phone: 853-28998936; 853-28998937



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