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Speedmaster professional moonwatch Appollo Soyuz – "35 anniversary edition"

as the Duke of Windsor to his wife Cartier brooch, only because of a love story and give it eternal value. Table is the same, with the blessing of the story added value is infinite: July 15, 1975,luxury watches, the United States and the Soviet Union, simultaneously with the launch of two spacecraft, in one fell swoop rewritten the history of aviation. Of course, in this great historical events, all astronauts wear is the OMEGA Speedmaster watch.

recalls the whole ", Apollo " plan, and a frame of the precious photo records the moving picture of the left behind of the lunar rover. The rover allows astronauts can set foot in distance landing cabin farther range, which is in the previous space missions have never been to before. This car was the first to use the & quot; car & quot; has landed the moon for forty years, Omega will also launch a special limited edition watch, to commemorate the trip to the moon.

Montblanc star Nicholas monopusher chronograph

why is the antique valuable, because it has a long history,vacheron constantin watch, is the accumulation of time and verification. Just as this chronograph, it is time to technology,, the father of Nicholas Kai Shi tribute. MontBlanc capture inspiration from the invention of Kaishi, the achievements of the star Nicholas monopusher chronograph watch. The functional model of this time table is unique, and the dial is fixed with two time table,, which indicates the second and minute time.

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