Petty noble women love to find a glimpse of the necklace table (1)

[·] recommended luxury Harry; Winston Ultimate Adornment senior jewelry necklace timepiece table

[rare degree: best grade]


high jewellery gourmet,LONGINES WATCHES, by a necklace and a detachable brooch or pendant buckle together. In 191, with a total weight of 62.35 carats of diamonds, and decorated with 14 peacock feathers. The famous "cluster" three-dimensional inlay techniques,, from the center outward diffusion on, let diamonds, the most natural,Replica watch, pure side without involuntary discharge of urine. Let the mother heart removed the ingenious design of wear, slip in and out of every situation, the picture is very exciting.

[luxury pair]

blue, a symbol of nobility and freedom, a few diamond ornament, it is more luxurious. To express this Harry Winston senior jewelry necklace collocation blue dress and Blue Nile sapphire platinum ring, luxury posture is to be so charming fashion.

Hervé,buy jaeger lecoultre watch; Lé Layton Bandage Dress

; GerBlue II Nile Sapphire and Diamond Pavé Split-Shank; Eternity Ring in Platinum

(10.04 ct.); reference price: $58500 (about 358236 yuan);


· Ultimate Adornment Hai; Winston senior jewelry necklace timepiece table;


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