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Hublot classic fusion Tourbillon openwork black ceramic watch


staged a flywheel war

Tuo flywheel has always been a brand between the hard power of the process of competition, this year’s SIHH can be described as a real war". Old manufacturers released two tribute to the 180 anniversary of the spherical tourbillon. It is rather complicated to play technology, with one of the phases of the moon and Tourbillon features a full diamond watch everyone envy. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that Luojiedu a very fierce four tourbillon.

< p > independent brand consistent with tourbillon has caught the attention of the two brands high Perot Foose and Richard Mille also does not fall ahull were launched variety of new Tourbillon watch, Richard Mille is to a gold 19 grams of super light Tuo flywheel technique startled four. Jonny Palmer uses new material to create new styles, rely on wood inlay process created a wooden Tourbillon.

high Perot fuhs

hot series ",www.fashion-chrono.com;new"

< p > sihh this more than a dozen brands, whenever you are love of haute Horlogerie, for their brand and series of absolute is behind the door. So every year, for them, the new process, new technology,
http://www.onheresale.com, new material are put aside, the most concerned about is this year, the series of their own powder, there is nothing new. Even if you have decided which one to buy a new one, Paul allowed, you’ll change your mind. After all, already exists in the classic series is you start with the best goal, and its each section is strong design, technology and reliable watch works.

"flower temple",www.time4usale.com; series

Art work on the


is a technical work,www.topwatchbest.com, but sometimes an art work. Since there is a movement against other people when it is refine on, the pursuit of the design of the dial magnificent; ornate; fascinating. Fortunately this sihh such as Vacheron Constantin such big watch did not forget this, and in this year’s sihh we see more and mechanical skill beauty.

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