Table ICON million bought fashion summer essential classic watch major suit

classic recommended: Two Ten series O watch 139253-5001 watch

< p > did not expect luxury Chopard million yuan of the female form, this from two o ten series of watches the minimalist style of play to the extreme,
replica handbags, rose gold to create the dial filling gorgeous wind, dial in addition to Chopin vaguely visible signs is refined atmosphere of blue steel sword type pointer. This watch is equipped with quartz movement.

collocation recommended: simple elegant power

how to make yourself look more elegant,, key words is "simple" two words. Simple and not to refer to the style of clothing and tailoring simple, more important is the color of the collocation. There is a principle that the dress is that the whole body color can not be more than three,Longines, so as to highlight your elegant Fan Er.

purchase guidelines

Shanghai Chopin store (Hang Lung Plaza Shop)

address: Jingan District, Nanjing West Road,, Shanghai 1266 (Hang Lung Square) B105

Beijing Chopin store (Financial Street shopping center)

address: Financial Street Shopping Center No. 2 Beijing Xicheng District City Jincheng Square Street L1

Guangzhou Pearl Chopin store (International Financial Center)

address: No. 5 Guangzhou international financial center, Pearl River, Pearl River, Pearl River, Guangzhou,


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