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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in recently sponsored by the Chengdu hi tech Zone, high tech Zone Development Planning Bureau, high tech Zone Technology Innovation Center hosted the "first Tianfu Venture Forum",
Replica watch, Sichuan Xun Yu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the fast company of Sichuan tour) Zhou Hongyi investors of the CEO Yuan Xujiang< p > recently by the Chengdu hi tech Zone hosted, high-tech Development Zone Planning Bureau, hi tech Zone Innovation Center hosted the "first Tianfu Entrepreneurship Forum" on, Sichuan fast travel network technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as fast company of Sichuan tour) CEO Yuen tells Zhou Hongyi, investors to invest 1 billion to help Sichuan Xun swim the story of start-up companies. It is reported that the first time to obtain such a huge amount of investment in the enterprise is still the first time. Zhou Hongyi’s more generous,, attracted industry attention to Sichuan fast travel ready capital market.

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< p > Free Xun swim gaming accelerator leveraging investments poised Sichuan Xun Yu, standing in the first forum of Tianfu business seats: a broad brimmed glasses, gentle young man, without his living entrepreneurial story, how it will be difficult for people to believe he can get 1 billion yuan of investment. He is at the age of 18 from Peking University the second grade suspension after began to do poineering work independently, and is now Sichuan Xun Yu Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Yuen.

longines watches< p > suspension after Yuen will start the first stop in Ya’an home, when the company to rent the house with his words to describe is "floor even the weight of server nearly cannot bear". To save costs, the company chose to leave the house is very close to the partner, is to be able to eat a partner home. In this way, survived the first winter after the start, earned nearly 40 million. The company can move to a better place, a farmer in Ya’an, and has its own diesel generator to the server.

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"at first we do the product is not called fast, the company is not called today the name,vacheron constantin watch, we first do the product called the United accelerator." Yuan Xu said that in 2005 the game users almost 3000, but the net has almost 1. They have made a general acceleration for all the network applications, whether it is to download or video, as long as you have the network to speed you.

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< p > however, Yuen said, due to the product positioning is not accurate, too much content of application service, operating costs are very high, in fact,, become a a operators, and their lack of such strength to cover the technology research and development, marketing and other aspects. Therefore, they eventually gave up this project. "Entrepreneurship is a process of trial and error, the repair process. We started doing the project also went through a process of repair. Because small businesses like a boat in the sea air roaring waves, if >

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