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(Breguet): Shine Tourbillon tourbillon ,Sexy Lingerie

navigation series< p > collection reason: in a timer in the ingenious combination of a series of dazzling jewelry, is recognized as the first first with silicon escapement Tourbillon.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > a Marine5837 was born in 2007, is the first with silicon escapement tourbillon, recommend the 58.39 is the series of platinum senior jewelry styles. Trapezoid cut diamonds scattered distribution of bezel, 132 diamonds to create exquisite surface,
sleep tops, Breguet Breguet marine series Tourbillon table total inlaid diamonds amounted to 11.6 carats.

< p > in the tradition of Breguet, gold, silver dial with the hand engraved, on the other hand assembly winding Tourbillon movement,
www.mildluxurywatch.com, the silicon of hairspring, escapement decoration the pieces of marine Tourbillon Watch Jewelry marks the Breguet made a remarkable achievement. In 554.4 movement within the hairspring,
Bustiers Corset, escapement wheel and fork rod use silicon material, can create lighter tourbillon, it also has better seismic performance, non-magnetic and no need of lubrication, thus easier to adjust. And the use of titanium metal on the base of the flywheel can also reduce the weight of the whole table.

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