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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;] evening news reporter trainee leesha Lin reporters in audio finishing reported this week on the big screen, Pirates of the Caribbean "is undoubtedly the leading role. Smokey-eye make-up, music, love funny love shuabao captain Jack four years after the strong back, once again set off a wave of drama

– Evening News reporter trainee reporter Lin Lisha

in audio ReportThis week’s

on the big screen, "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" is undoubtedly the leading role. Smoked makeup,sexy Sleepshirts, orchid, love funny love shuabao Captain Jack after an absence of four years for a strong comeback, once again set off a violent "Pirates" boom. In addition, the upcoming few homebred piece also has distinguishing feature each, "you are where" tells the story of the guest in a group of young people "struggle" story; cartoon "Xibaipo" and children’s film "kiss me" is aimed at "61", let the children in the movie in the process of edutainment.

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subtitles download "Pirates of the Caribbean sailing back, and saw Jack captain

– the ",Replica watches for sale;Pirates of the Caribbean 4"

– starring Johnny · Depp, Penelope · Cruz

– released:

is coming

– note: viewing the credits after the end of the "egg"

Jack fled the palace in London to meet the old lover

captain Jack caught the British soldiers design in London to King George VIII’s palace. George VIII heard Jack know go to legend can make people immortal "fountain of youth",click here, and orders Jack to have defected to the Royal barber’s captain Barbossa pilot, work together to find the "fountain of youth". A love of course Jack refused to obey, he tried to escape from the palace,, in a bar in the city of london.

what material in the bar, Jack actually heard another claiming to be captain Jack is recruiting sailors to sea to find the old spring". After a fierce fight, Jack was finally found in front of his own costume dress up as the "fake" turned out to be an absence of many years old lover angelica. Anji Lika father Blackbeard is notorious repute of pirates, he is also looking for the "fountain of youth". Captain Jack did not know whether Angelica really love himself, or simply want to use their own to help "black beard" to find "not old spring"". But in Anji the Licka, Jie >

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