3D meat and the meat to see the interview with the director of the meat can also see 4D film

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ho fan into the dust, is legend Temptress Moon "filmed in a kind of culture, in the 1990s the film industry with it. When the double (Veronica Yip, (online movie works)), the romantic story concentrated a generation of memories,


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"put into a kind of culture, is the last century 90’s contribution to a class of the film industry. See a generation of memories of past bilobed (, (is online watch video), the romantic story concentrated, they would like to see without the ignorant puberty. Film (which means containing no lens of anti Changlong,cheap price, from film review, so that the gradual rise, de stars especially actress is at the beginning of the 1990s become a beautiful scenery, even in out to rescue the market the main genre in the 1990s prevail.

http://https://www.wish.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd< p > for 3D meat putuan online watch the interview with director of meat: later also saw the 4D film (photos, of the past and not of so, nor posterior to South Korean film like beautiful, no Japanese or BT, lack of European films outside the ethics… The story of Shen, and the standard is not so wide, as well as the lens does not look rough, but it is not negative, is that decades of the film, the occupation of the main seats."


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to the romantic piece

film four times


first, the taboo of the 60’s

http://https://www.wish.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd< p > in the 1960s,
underwear, subject to tidal influence of the liberation, some pure romantic plot and nasal spray Yan lens holding Hong Kong films is not uncommon. Sixties piece representative, no 1969 by shooting the film "sampan". Actress Fuyi is piece of outside without extreme bold performance is worth mentioning, who worked at a local set off a moment of topic, but the song failed to form the tide, which is still a taboo subject.


two, 90 http://https://www.wish.com/merchant/fuzhouhengdetradingcoltd

in the early All flowers bloom together.

film’s golden age is also in the film’s golden age,www.mildluxurywatch.com, which is the so-called master of the memories of the era.


film from 1988 began to present a say. A lot is considered as long as 18 years old to next indecent film are marked with a triangle logo III level.


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