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La Perla Lapera Shape-Allure sexy cute series body corset
Perla La is the Italian “Pearl” meaning. She produced the first batch of underwear, are packed in a red velvet box, it looks as precious as jewelry. In fact, La Perla stood in the historical curvaceous and soft now, really fine jewelry in the world called underwear.
La Perla this perfect body bra underwear, and any clothing collocation, minute enhance personal image, and very romantic. Decorated with beautiful lace, made of Lycra fabric body corset, in decorating a large area of the Shanti Iraq stretch lace embroidery lace, infinite charm and elegant natural flow. Eyelashes like the edge of a little more to add a little sense of playful.
Than an eyelash also fine soft lace, skin friendly Egyptian long staple cotton, per inch than an ounce of gold is also expensive jacquard brocade, and more than one hundred years of heritage handmade embroidery. In design masters of collective tease and encouragement, your boudoir is unlimited expansion between the earth and the heaven, cotton fields, rivers, skyscrapers and lonely island, however, you are the give yourself a head to toe every inch of skin deep breath opportunity.

Because there are a variety of color options, and a wide range of fitness, this Tara is the best-selling series of Eslami Yasmine. In the seemingly strange bra, with gauze and delicate patterns, and the Sexy French lace detail elegant. Provides the perfect upgrade and gather without pad under the action of.
The underwear is designed to cover at least in principle. Just cover the milk pepper. The location is far away from the shoulder. The most suitable and shorts or thong collocation. For a young girl with playful but slightly green body.

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