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        Longines Aaron Kwok summer tour as expansion expected Award for the first time (Figure) watch
brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches cool Aaron Kwok motorcycle hand modeling and stage diving champion Sun Shuwei, foil champion Dong Zhaozhi photo last week end concert at Hongkong’s Aaron Kwok February 29th in Guangzhou, its endorsement of Longines watches store opened propaganda. In a group of models to show a body
underwear, leather outfit Aaron Kwok appeared to the design of motorcycle on the stage, the audience enthusiasm to wait for a long time, the Tianhe City also dispatched a large number of security, door let activities carried out in the streets. Last week Aaron Kwok Hongkong concert stage to rotate 450 degrees to let fans are screaming fun, while the mainland fans will also be glad to see Aaron Kwok in the interview revealed,
satin nightgown, summer will launch personal concert tour, while in the film, at the Hongkong Film Awards Best Actor Aaron Kwok is also hoping to get it. The dance Forest Gump is most satisfied with the fastest Guangzhou summer concert just after the Hongkong concert, Aaron Kwok also seems to be immersed in the excitement of the concert. Say hello to Guangzhou fans,
sleeping dress, and promises to make people look at his concert in Guangzhou as soon as possible. Speaking about the dance Forest Gump concert, Aaron Kwok said is most satisfied with the concert, can be said to be a breakthrough personal music,
Sleepshirts, up to the 450 degree rotation of the stage, is revolving stage the world largest indoor, breaking the previous 360 degrees. When it comes to tour plan, said Aaron Kwok just finished singing rest first, then shoot film and some advertising, tour the fastest words to the summer vacation, the first station and Guangzhou may be the mainland tour, revolving stage 450 fans exclaimed, will appear on the concert in Guangzhou. "Empire of silver" head shaved hope awards affirmation about just finished movie "empire of silver", Aaron Kwok said it is in the Qing Dynasty in Beijing for the first time play, shaved head, but also in Mandarin with, only a Hongkong actor, and the mainland actor Zhang Tielin, Lei Hao and so on many opponents play, cooperation is very happy. The twenty-seventh Hongkong Film Awards last month announced the nomination, Aaron Kwok with "C plus detective" nominated actor, again for best actor. Although has won the actor,
pajamas for women, but in the Hongkong Film Awards, Kwok was no progress. Although said "three forks", each film own get everybody approval, if can have the award is certainly good, a "no" attitude, but Aaron Kwok also laments from "three", "father and son" to fork "C plus detective", is the third consecutive nomination., a pair of "lost only three" tone.

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